While growing forests,We help prevent global warming.

ANA Carbon Offset Program

What is the ANA Carbon Offset Program?

The ANA Group places a high value on environmental communication with our stakeholders while undertaking various initiatives to prevent global warming. The ANA Carbon Offset Program is an example of our endeavors to combat global warming.
Under the ANA Carbon Offset Program, customers flying with ANA can offset their own greenhouse gas emissions when using aircraft with the CO2 absorption by forest trees.

Under the ANA Carbon Offset Program, issued greenhouse gas is offset with credits (J-Credit1) generated from CO2 absorption by trees in the forest managed through the ANA Hearty Forest activities in Minami Sanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, which have been conducted jointly by ANA Group employees and a local forest cooperative.

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The One Coin Program offers a casual way of participating in the initiative to prevent global warming by donating one 500-yen coin.

ANA Hearty Forest project

The ANA Group promoted the AOZORA Forestation Project, a 10-year plan that started in 2004 to conduct forestation activities in areas surrounding the 50 domestic airports serviced by the ANA Group. In March 2011, however, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred and caused great damage to forests in the affected areas. Essential utilities across the coastal area were also heavily damaged. Amid this situation, a total of 110 ANA Group employee volunteers participated in the ANA Warm-Hearted Baths project, a 2-month initiative to supply hot water to bath facilities installed at an evacuation center in Minami Sanriku using special vehicles.
Based on the trust relationship fostered through the project, ANA entered into an agreement with Iriya Production Forestry Cooperative in July 2012, which allows ANA to borrow a portion of the forest owned by the cooperative as the ANA Hearty Forest. In cooperation with members of the forestry cooperative, employee volunteers have participated in forest management activities.
In 2014, the ANA Group applied for registration of this project under the J-Credit Scheme jointly with the forestry cooperative, and successfully obtained a J-Credit certification.
Credits used under the ANA Carbon Offset Program from June 2015 are forest absorption credits from the ANA Hearty Forest activities. We believe that our customersf participation will further advance the improvement of the forest in Minami Sanriku.

The site of the ANA Hearty Forest comprises a reservoir area for Minami Sanriku. Clean water flowing from the forest supplies drinking water to local residents.
Forests, if maintained properly by thinning, not only absorb CO2, but also retain rainwater to protect the lives of local people.
Runoff from the forest flowing into a nearby river enriches the Shizugawa Bay, having a beneficial impact on biodiversity in the entire Minami Sanriku region.
We hope that golden eagles, a symbol of Minami Sanriku, will come back to the ANA Hearty Forest someday.
We believe that what we can do right now is to work together to preserve the interaction between nature and humans from ancient times and pass abundant forests to the next generation.

The ANA Group would like to invite our customers to join our ANA Hearty Forest activities.


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